Hello all,

I wanted to compile a master list of announcements and information about where things are here. Please be aware that dates are seen as fluid by many companies. So things could “end” sooner or be extended further into the future.

It’s my desire that this pandemic has the lowest impact possible on our community. That means you all and the staff at Magelings Games. I will not be laying anyone off, and the kickback funds noted below will go straight to payroll relief. We need to be separated during this time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected. Besides Facebook, we have recently launched a Discord server for our various groups to talk and hang out. 

Gaming is an amazing way to keep those connections going, and to supply our hobbies so we don’t dwell on things we cannot change. With that core ideal I’ve soft launched a webstore for the shop as well. It needs work and is being actively worked on. If there is a product line you want to see sooner rather than later please message us and we will try to rearrange the queue to get things to you sooner.

Board Games

In the announcement from Arcane Wonders they said many other major game distributors were participating in a like program. I’ve added businesses I could confirm. It wouldn’t hurt to put our information in the notes/comment field if presented.

Arcane Wonders

They have announced an affiliate program with their online store. You will get a 25% discount, reflected at checkout, for your order and you’ll be prompted to enter store info (Magelings Games, Columbia, MO). They will donate 25% of your purchase to the store you specify.

Fireside Games

Has a 25% discount like Arcane Wonders and a similar kickback program. Details here.


They have promised profit sharing, and the instructions are much like Arcane Wonders. Type in the shop and it’s location in the checkout to profit-share with that business.

Games Workshop

Updated 4/09, they are closed indefinitely until this passes. My guess is it will take a few weeks from open to start the flow of product again.
The company has stopped production and closed their stores. Distribution is closed as well. That means our stock level is what it is. They project to resume business April 14th. You can read their announcement

There will be no new releases in April, the earliest those return is May 2nd.

Live streaming every morning at 10am.


CFBE Affiliate program, use code MAGELINGS

If you want to play some competitive magic, you can play a MagicFest Online Daily Qualifier. They run 4 times a day and cost $25. Read more here.

If you want some MagicFest swag, there are a variety of bundle deals available. They cost $50 - $170, read more here. Expected shipping mid April.

Each time you use the code MAGELINGS 10% of the cost/entry comes to the shop.


This product releases May 15th in North America, this means yes it will be releasing elsewhere on track. May 15th is a target date, but the state of things is obviously unknown and may change. How launch and prerelease are handled is still very much up in the air and something I will speak more about as we get closer.
Prerelease at Home:

Yes, this was a concept a few weeks ago. Again, no idea what the city will look like mid May when Ikoria comes out. I have a system roughly sketched out for this.

In-Store Play

Sanctioned play has been suspended until May 10th. This doesn’t mean our play area is closed until then, or will reopen then. Just that WotC is not allowing sanctioned play until May 10th.

Star City Games IQs

All IQ’s have been suspended until mid May at this time. We planned a Modern event May 16th before everything. If that stands it to be seen.


The next release Titan Masters Attack has been rescheduled to May 29th.


In store play has been suspended until May 10th. They plan on keeping their product release schedule:
Duel Overload                               03/20/20

Secret Slayers                                04/03/20

SD Mechanized Madness         04/17/20

Eternity Code                                05/01/20

Speed Duel Starter Decks         05/15/20

Toon Chaos                                    06/19/20